Neda Razavipour

In her attempt to stabilize conditions during the present constant unbalanced situation, Razavipour performed Navasan (oscillations) spending half of the performance arranging dishes and things in a cabinet and then tipping the cabinet over. The second half of the performance was spent on choosing and packaging the broken remnants. From the by-products of this performance, she created The Edge of Chaos. By demonstrating the tableware was broken in the performance, the artist moved the focus of the audience from the objects to her own actions in selecting and organizing the pieces displaying order and chaos at the same time. Without this uninterrupted endeavor, life in complete chaos and in an unbalanced situation is impossible.

  • <p>Oscillation<br />2014<br />Movie</p>
  • <p>Ocillation / Edge of Chaos<br />2014 / 2015<br />Mixed Media<br />41.5 x 57.5 cm</p>
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