Nasser Bakhshi

Bakhshi’s painting on the surfaces of antique boxes and other items that have on them hints of time and usage both excite the sense of touch and also arouse countless associations of the passage of time and crises. The items and the images that oscillate on the border on the familiar and unfamiliar generate a vague atmospheric while their multiplicity gives them multiple levels and creates a more confusing labyrinth. Finding some sort of narrative, level, connection or direction possibly seems to be impossible. Even the audience’s attraction to touch, feel, and run a hand over or open the boxes complicates direction and reason more. This accumulation of objects, images, sentiments and associations entangles our collective memory and does not lead us analyzing the history.

  • <p>Repeated Wishes<br />from the ContinuitySeries<br />2017<br />Oil Painting, Drawing<br />and Found Objects<br />219 x 120 x 190 cm</p>
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