Mojtaba Amini

Even though Amini’s strange forms do not allow for comprehension, yet they have the perfect name for the full title: flesh (Meat, humanity, penetrating the body) and the material used in its construction: lambskin, wood (found camel saddle); rope and sap are all blended together and help to understand the work.. The close relationship of these materials with violence (sewn up lambskin and sap seeping out of bones) traces of violence, torture and death make the images clearer. Our resemblance to camels as we tolerate the harsh conditions of water and food shortages, while at the same time we know this work of art is from the Khabt (Errors) collection. The saddle has lost its purpose and has been transformed from a place to sit into a violent threat and horror, neglecting the greatness of its unintelligible form, and is reminiscent of the painful process of creation.

  • <p>Lahm<br />2017<br />meat, flesh, graft, Sheepskin wood (found camel saddle) rope, animal glue<br />162 x 67 x 66 cm</p>
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