Majid Biglari

Found objects from catastrophes are tested, tempered and seductive. Overall, they are harbingers of the past without any possibility of going back in time, which in the hands of some of our contemporary artists seem to become nostalgic. It is possible they are a reminder of a glorious past and for this same reason arise from the seduction of ruined lust. Yet Biglari’s evidence is neither seductive nor nostalgic. It is not even evidence. 

The folders of bureaucracy and paper scrolls become illegible over time; documents of catastrophes become confusing and lose the capacity to narrate their story. Who will be the one to discover what the atrocities were? When the leftover events of the present have hidden within themselves, how can the truth come to light? How will history be written?

  • <p>Untitled<br />from 'The Experience of Dishevelment' Series<br />2017<br />Mixed Media<br />56 x 172 x 15 cm</p>
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