Mahmoud Mahroumi

How can a human being’s sigh become material for a work of art? At Mahroumi’s request, mothers exhale into plastic bags and the artist takes these and places them into the center of cement molds making them at the same time, immortal, imprisoned and invisible. The only function of the numbers and lettering on the different surfaces of the mold is to be uniform but they have no distinguishable shape. At the same time as praising ‘breath’ it is also a dig at the archival process; a cemetery with an arbitrary order and a minimalizing of breath with indications of leadership and reducing the breath to cryptic signs.. A flagstaff or an attempt at stability, the only polished bronze artwork of the exhibition, while it has signs of authority, masculinity and advertisement it is empty and the idea of whether this small flagstaff will hold a flag gives thought to the mounting of such an instable item on a wall and giving it the bold role of supporter, calling supporters to its aid.

  • <p>Flag Base: Struggle for Vigor<br />2014<br />Bronze<br />19 x 17 x 13 cm</p>
  • <p>AAH (Sigh)<br />from the 'Quarantine'  Series<br />2013<br />Concrete, Plastic Bag,<br />Human Inhale<br />15 x 15 x 15 cm</p>
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