Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar

Bakhshi’s Motherland can be reduced to its fundamental element to describe his work: a ziggurat with a pacifier at the top connected to a meat-grinder. When the handle turns, oil spills out of the pacifier and on to the steps of the ziggurat. As with all of his other works, we must ask Bakhshi, “Is this the whole idea?” Bakhshi’s art is here, right now, creating questions and contemplation. Homeland is kitsch, not aesthetically but in content, and it takes the piss out of vulgarity.

  • <p>Mother of Nation<br />from the Industrial RevolutionSeries<br />2008 - 2013<br />Tin Plate, Pacifier<br />Cast-Iron Meat,<br />Grinder and Oil<br />266 x 312 x 193 cm</p>
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