Jinoos Taghizadeh

In Jinoos’ work Exposed Wiring, which exhibition these images are from, she refers to an extreme inability to find a fundamental solution for the existing chaos. She pays attention in number of her pieces to intentional failures in various times and places. One of them is the whale. A whale that has the ability to produce various frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear, yet at the time when it can no longer battle the sea, the whale commits suicide. This whale is different from other whales, but it has similarities to humans who also can produce different frequencies. 

Shomordan (Counting) seems to be an absurd patience: counting days, things and events. Yet counting itself is an attempt to narrate the situation, negating stagnancy, silence and it is a reminiscence. As with the whale’s solution, the redefining of success and failure is the main issue.

  • <p>52 Hertz Whale<br />2015<br />Pencil on Paper<br />52 x 72 cm</p>
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