Behrang Samadzadegan

In Samadzadegan’s Utopia, figures of Persian painting and military men looking with curiosity at an object we cannot see are blended together alongside buildings reminiscent of crematoria with a smoking chimney. He illustrates scenes from Hieronymus Bosch and creates an actual science fiction hallucinating atmosphere. References to the history of art, in the medium of watercolor with blotches and reducing the breath to cryptic signs, drops covering the work, emphasizing self-references and distance from a realistic hallucination. The Utopia, more than portraying a utopian city, also represents ideals and ideologies.

  • <p>Hard Boiles Wonderland<br />from the Heading Utopia<br />2016<br />Water-Colour on Hahnemuhle Paper<br />97 x 107 cm</p>
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