Baktash Sarang Javanbakht

As it is written in Exodus, the Babylonians were in the process of building a tower that would reach to the heavens to make a name for themselves. For this, God condemned them to lose their language and scattered their nation. Baktash’s conical black tower of metal and tarp has lettering on the metal. The letters have fallen on top of each other and become illegible. Metal handles, resembling the handles of a backpack, at the base of the cone allow it to be portable and contemporary. It is as if we all carry with us our own tower or utopia, and we deserve to be condemned for this. Thus, we find our language to be babbled and our nation lost to the diaspora. 

  • <p>The Tower<br />2014<br />Mixed Media<br />180 x 190 x 550 cm</p>
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